"Thought is the guiding force that shapes the human experience,
unlocking the immense potential within each individual.
It is through thought that we explore, create, and innovate,
transcending the boundaries of our physical existence”
-Nolan Pillay- 

Nolan Pillay

Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author, Trainer,
Facilitator, SAP Consultant,
Philanthropist and Life Coach

Partner to Napoleon Hill Foundation

Hi, I'm Nolan

Nolan Pillay is a true force of inspiration and empowerment. As a Human Mindset Specialist, he possesses the rare ability to awaken purpose and authenticity within companies, teams, and individuals, transcending barriers and transforming pain and challenges into incredible success stories. With unwavering determination, he helps individuals clarify their values and goals, leading them on a profound journey towards becoming the absolute best versions of themselves.  
But Nolan Pillay's impact doesn't end there. Brace yourself for a whirlwind of motivation and enlightenment as he takes the stage as a Global Inspirational and Motivational Speaker. His words will ignite a fire within you, propelling you to reach new heights of personal and professional growth. As an Enlightened Warrior and Life Coach, Nolan fearlessly imparts his wisdom, guiding others through life's obstacles and empowering them to overcome limiting beliefs.
Nolan was also a Speaker Factor Finalist at the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa in 2023. 

Nolan in Action

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An Authentic, Energised Speaker who is willing to share his journey through Life with hard truths is what makes his talks unique. His powerful story-telling has Inspired audiences to look deeper within, allowing them to unleash their Potential.

Keynotes (30 – 90 minutes)

Thriving Minds, Thriving Results: nurturing well-being for success
Exploring the art of creating a personal lifeline, a transformative tool for self-reflection and growth. With the Personal Lifeline and the Goal Card, you will map out your past, identifying milestones and areas of focus to fuel your future aspirations. By harnessing these tools, you'll ignite your sense of purpose, finding deeper fulfilment in your personal and professional life. The Personal Lifeline and Goal Card enable you to manifest tangible results by aligning your thoughts with your actions. Let's create a brighter, more purposeful future together.
Obstacles Make Me Stronger
One of the biggest challenges we face as humans is our mental wellness. We tend to focus on everything that happens in our outer world due to the demands that society puts on us, we then forget to protect ourselves and our inner world. You will learn that you can also "GROW" through your pain rather than just "go" through it with simple, yet life changing mind hacks and techniques that have been proven to work both in your personal and professional life.


A Human Mindset Specialist who knows how he got through life amidst all the obstacles. After years of Learning and Growing, he is now helping others to dig deeper into finding their inner self, beliefs, values, identity and their purpose in this world. You get to unlearn old habits and create new positive ones. His signature program is called “Be the BEST version of YOURSELF

Consultant, Trainer and Facilitator

Highly Value driven Training, Facilitation and Business Consulting to large Organisations and Individuals, both Globally and Locally. Always guiding you to “Be the BEST version of YOURSELF”


Let’s Think and Grow Rich
Offers a blueprint for financial abundance, but its true essence lies in the profound transformation it brings to our lives. Together, we will tap into the infinite power of our minds, aligning our thoughts, beliefs, and actions to create a life of purpose, fulfilment, and lasting wealth.
Transformational Group Coaching
A Human Mindset Specialist who knows how he got through life amidst all the obstacles. After years of Learning and Growing, he is now helping others to dig deeper into finding their inner self, beliefs, values, identity, and their purpose in this world. You get to unlearn old habits and create new positive ones. His signature program is called “Be the BEST version of YOURSELF”

Youth Empowerment
Our intention is to help as many Youths as possible to dream bigger and go after what they are passionate about, this enables them to live a purposeful life. Our Coaching has powerful personal growth values that will transform their lives and how they see themselves.
My Moonshot
“Transform 1 million lives in Africa, starting with our Teens and Young Adults by enhancing their mindsets and thought process, through our Coaching, Authentic Leadership and Personal Mastery programs”.

Podcast Host

Engaging and connecting Humans by giving them a platform to share their Inspirational stories. We have realised that many stories go un-noticed and fade away with the person. Our stories are real, authentic and heart warming.



Nolan is hands down one of the most sincere and grounded people I know. His story is inspiring, and he always focuses on helping others.

He has spoken many times in the Masterminds I have been part of and each time he brings a great perspective, his incredible story and best in class strategies to the table to always add as much value to others as he can. I am consistently impressed by the power of Nolan’s mindset in finding appreciation, compassion, growth and opportunity to show up as our best every single moment.
I highly recommend Nolan as a Mentor, Coach and a Friend.

Benjamin Lavoie

– Group Vice President, CTO at PVH Corp.

Nolan is an accomplished speaker/ trainer who shows up and delivers transformative content which his audience carry with them long after he has left. My experience working with him was delightful, time conscious and responsive, he made it easy to collaborate.  

Tsitsi Mutendi (CFBA, ACFWA) 

- President of PSASA I Co-Founder African Family Firms I Tech Founder 

Nolan’s STRAIGHT TALK WITH NOLAN is an excellent self-development coaching programme that I will recommend anyone. His work with young children and young adult is simply amazing just like his life story.
Coming from a humble background, he just resonates with positive energy and guides his mentee with so much of passion.
He makes sure that we keep moving forward no matter what and hold on to his principles to be authentic. I will always remember his moment in my life and specifically Nolan for his guidance, motivation and believing in me that I can do anything I want. Like Nolan says ‘Hey it’s the journey that matters and don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go your way.
Enjoy your journey!

Rajini Krishnan

– Malaysia, Royal Jewellers

Amazing, true to his word. This man helped me as a stranger in 2014 when I was trying to find my feet in SAP consultancy space.
He invited me to his home for a lecture and shared materials.
To this day, although career took another direction, I remain grateful to Nolan. I remember we discussed a wide range of issues from career to business. I have since done insurmountable.

God Bless Sir and may you achieve the desires of your heart.

Emmanuel Jengwa

– Chief Operations Office, JOBE Industries

If you're looking for a skilled facilitator and speaker, look no further than Nolan. Their expertise and professionalism are top-notch, and they have a talent for connecting with their audience. Their presentations are engaging and informative, and their facilitation skills are unparalleled. 

Taryn-lee Kearney  

- Global Speaker, Consultant and Facilitator

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