Definite Major Purpose for our Youth

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The question of whether our youth need to have a definite major purpose in life is a thought-provoking one and has been debated from various perspectives.

Sharing some Pros of Having a Definite Major Purpose, Direction and Focus - Having a clear purpose can provide direction and focus in a young person's life. It can help them set goals, make decisions, and prioritise their actions toward a specific objective.

Motivation - A strong sense of purpose can serve as a powerful motivator. When young individuals have a clear goal, they are more likely to work hard, overcome challenges, and persevere in the face of difficulties.

Personal Growth - Pursuing a definite major purpose can lead to personal growth and development. It encourages individuals to step out of their comfort zones, learn new skills, and gain valuable experiences.

Time Management - With a clear purpose, young people can manage their time more effectively. They're more likely to allocate time to activities that align with their goals and avoid distractions that might hinder their progress.

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Let's embark on a path that leads to a future of empowerment, progress, and positive change for Africa's youth.

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